• Ambassadors

    AHL Partners' ambassador network connects successful entrepreneurs with whom AHL Partners has collaborated over the years. As experienced specialists in their respective industries, the ambassadors contribute valuable insights to the network, which serves as a platform for the exchange of experiences and expertise, with the ambition to foster new business opportunities.

    Learn more about the successful entrepreneurial journeys of our ambassadors below.

Christina Hammer and Åsa Falkman

Christina Hammer and Åsa Falkman started what would become a leading recruitment and staffing company in Sweden and Norway back in 1994, with a focus on communication and marketing. The duo describes their journey as humble, always prioritizing goals over titles.

Christina and Åsa's decision to sell their company, Hammer & Hanborg, stemmed from their desire to do so while still finding the business enjoyable and having the drive and energy for an ownership transition. They are now looking forward to continuing their journey within the company alongside the new majority owner, Jurek.

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Maria Frykman Forsberg

Maria Frykman Forsberg is one of the founders of the renowned premium outdoor and skiwear brand for children and youth, "Isbjörn of Sweden." Under Maria's leadership, the company became a pioneer in sustainable and environmentally friendly functional clothing for the younger generation, a focus area that continues to be a central part of the company's operations.

When Maria and the other owners chose to sell the company, it was of utmost importance to find a new owner willing to continue developing the brand with a focus on environmental sustainability, which they subsequently achieved with the sale to Online Brands.

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Katharina and Jean-Claude Eggel

Kristina and Jean-Claude Eggel started a chocolate shop in Gothenburg in the year 2000, which over time evolved into their own brand of chocolate truffles, sold under the name La Praline. By complementing each other's strengths effectively, the couple has developed the company into one of Sweden's leading confectionery producers today, with in-house production facilities.

Early on, Kristina and Jean-Claude had the idea to sell the company because a generational shift wasn't in the picture, and they wanted the brand to continue thriving within a larger context.

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Per Andersson and Nicklas Thorstenson

Entrepreneurs Per Andersson and Nicklas Thorstenson founded the recruitment and staffing company Jobway in 2007 in Stockholm. Later, the duo developed the platform Studier.se, which is a digital hub for education and courses.

Per and Nicklas are renowned for their entrepreneurship, characterized by innovation and a willingness to explore new ideas. The sale of Studier.se to Academedia serves as clear evidence of their entrepreneurial spirit and success in implementing innovative concepts. 

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