Christina Hammer and Åsa Falkman

Christina Hammer and Åsa Falkman met during their studies at IHM and decided in 1994 to start a recruitment and staffing company focused on communication and marketing. The market had just been deregulated, and having two women as owners faced resistance from banks that initially criticized their business idea and made it challenging to secure capital. However, this opposition only strengthened the entrepreneurs' conviction that they were on the right path, and they never doubted that it would be a success. Throughout the years, it has always been essential to run the company fairly for both clients and candidates, striving to find the best solutions for all parties involved. The partners describe their journey as humble, with a constant focus on goals rather than titles. Complementing each other has been crucial, and it has been a key factor in maintaining a strong collaboration for 30 years. The company is built on good values that permeate the entire operation, influencing everything from decision-making to recruitment.

After running the company for many years, they felt it was the right time to sell it.

"For us, it was important not to wait too long to sell the company. We wanted the energy to execute an ownership transition while continuing to work and still find it enjoyable", says Åsa Falkman.

"We want to have the opportunity to do something else in life eventually, and it has never been our intention for our children to take over and carry out a generational shift in the company", adds Christina Hammer.

Primarily, they approached various corporate finance professionals by seeking recommendations within their network. The choice of AHL Partners as their financial advisor was primarily based on trust, especially the positive reception they received in their interactions with AHL.

"The professional reception and the way we were welcomed fostered a constructive dialogue where we felt a strong alignment with AHL. Trust is primarily a feeling, but, of course, there are also facts behind it, with AHL presenting very concrete information about their own experience", explains Christina Hammer.

The partners are very satisfied with how the process was conducted, even better than expected. AHL was internally synchronized,  and the process was driven independently, with the owners participating as needed, which was very time-efficient.

"In meetings with potential buyers, AHL was present, steering the dialogue, and afterward, AHL provided support in handling all our questions, creating security and control for us. AHL was truly our partner throughout", says Åsa Falkman.

Jurek acquired the majority stake in Hammer & Hanborg, and the founders still maintain ownership in the company and remain actively involved in the business.

"We had many suitors over the years, but we chose Jurek because it is an entrepreneurial and successful company that shares our focus on building a long-term and sustainable business for clients and employees", explains Christina Hammer.

"Choose an experienced financial advisor who can guide you through the entire process. There is a lot of documentation, agreements, and legal aspects to manage in a sales process, and with the right advisor, you can feel secure", conclude the partners, offering advice to others considering selling their companies.

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