• “Professional guidance throughout the acquisition process, from valuation to negotiation and completion of the sale.”

There are many opportunities to create value during acquisitions, such as increased growth, cost synergies and other strategic advantages. However, there are also a number of risks associated with acquisitions that must be managed carefully.

By choosing our consultancy services for your acquisition process, you will be guaranteed professional support and advice at every stage. We tailor services to each business case and your specific needs when it comes to managing risk and uncertainty concerning a transaction. We can either manage the entire process or provide specific services such as valuations, second opinions, financial due diligence, input to transfer agreements, sales price calculations and negotiation strategies. 


Finansiell Due Diligence

Our evaluations and conclusions provide valuable input for decision-making and negotiation, as well as facilitating external financing. A standard due diligence process includes analysis of the following: 

  • A company’s ability to generate earnings – analysis of previous sources of revenue, cost structures and non-recurring events that have impacted earnings.
  • A company’s financial position – analysis of the balance sheet to determine the company’s cash flow, interest-bearing liabilities, and other financial commitments such as pension obligations.
  • A company’s working capital needs – analysis of the organisation’s working capital needs and assessment of the normal level of working capital needed to run the business in the future.  
  • Current budgets and forecasts – analysis of underlying assumptions and assessment of the company’s ability to reach its goals.


Please contact us to find out more about how we can support you during an acquisition process.

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