• “We can provide advisory services in most situations that require professional financial and strategic expertise."

Other services

We provide a wide variety of client-specific financial advisory services including capital procurement (private placements), investigations of irregularities, insolvency support, expert opinions during disputes, and valuations of existing investments and other strategic advisory services.


Capital procurement (private placements)

We often assist entrepreneurs and their growing companies to secure funding, either in the form of equity capital or as a loan for a capital-intensive expansion phase.

Following an initial financial, commercial and strategic evaluation, to gain insight into the company’s opportunities and challenges, we will determine an offer that is both attractive to the owners and to potential investors.

We then compile a list of qualified investors such as venture capital funds or private investment companies, and subsequently, in consultation with our client, select potential investors to probe interest and present the offer.  



We can provide tailored solutions and creative advisory services in cases of insolvency, or when time restraints or financial challenges are proving problematic. We help our clients to identify different coping strategies, both financial and operational, and evaluate different solutions and complications to reverse the situation and minimise any detrimental effect to the company.


Investigation of irregularities

Sometimes, investments do not go as planned. Most of the time, this is due to unfavourable market conditions, but there may even be cases in which promises are broken, power is abused, or minority shareholders are treated unfairly by other owners in violation of the principle of equal treatment outlined in the Swedish Companies Act.  

In such cases, we can, as a third party, investigate the situation and determine whether there is a case for legal proceedings to try to resolve the matter.


Expert opinions during disputers

During corporate disputes, there are often claims for compensation for any capital losses suffered due to a breach of contract. In cases where an injury or claim is linked to a movement and its value, we can provide expert opinions based on well-balanced and professional business valuations to strengthen your position and ability to negotiate during the dispute.     


Strategic advisory services

We also provide a wide range of strategic advisory services to help our clients develop their businesses and maximise shareholder value. This involves setting up an agenda for what is to be achieved with the ownership of the business, an expansion strategy, strategic advice prior to a sale of a company, assisting with decisions about acquisition bids, and analysing and assessing current investments in the form of a portfolio review. 


Please contact us to discuss how best we can assist you in your particular situation.

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