• “We’ll help you to get the right price from the right buyer.”

When you sell a company, it is often not only the financial terms that are important. Sellers need to feel comfortable with prospective buyers and their future plans for the organisation and its staff.

Spontaneous corporate bids are generally based on public accounts that do not reflect the true value of a company. The first offer you receive is often not the best. As the seller, you will benefit from gathering more bids by means of a structured process under the guidance of qualified advisors who assist you at every stage.

We have extensive experience of corporate sales and we are proud to have exceeded our clients’ expectations on several occasions, achieving higher prices than they thought were possible. [HP1] This is our company sales process:

  • Assessment of the business’s current status to see how the company can best be packaged to facilitate the sales process. This may involve changes to the company structure, organisation, balance sheet or business focus.
  • Indicative valuation to determine an ideal price level for the sale.
  • Putting together a company presentation (information memorandum) with information about the company’s organisation, products and services, market position and financial history, as well as future plans and development potential.
  • Identifying potential buyers and contacting them following consultation with the seller.
  • Gathering bids and helping the seller to evaluate these, before moving on with the most promising potential buyers.
  • Performing due diligence on selected potential buyers by arranging meetings, establishing data rooms and answering questions.
  • Assisting during negotiations about pricing and terms.
  • Drafting contracts that minimise the risk of future disputes (in collaboration with a corporate lawyer).

Please contact us to find out more about how we can support you during a corporate sales process.

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